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Proven Production from an impeccable Pedigree, 20 Gauge is rocking the Texas Longhorn community with complete and beautifully colored offspring that are highly desirable in every way including early horn growth. We contribute his outstanding production to his unique & powerful maternal genetic line. In partnership and through Semen Sales 20 Gauge is being utilized in the best breeding programs in the Country with amazing results pouring in, just look at his progeny on this site and you will agree. Study his Pedigree and you will find multiple proven producers of horn, horn with twist, color, conformation, great milking dams and coming from these some of the All time great producing Herd Sires in the Industry beginning with his sire "Concealed Weapon" and grandsires, "JP Rio Grande", "J.R. Grand Slam", "Peacemaker 44", "Gunman", "Lambs Power Play", "Overwhelmer" and "Watson 83" to name a few. The Legacy of "Hubbells 20 Gauge" is being written with each calf that hits the ground, get on board and take part in a wonderful tale that is being told, you won't regret it.
20 Gauge
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Helm /Hubbell/Metz/Noble/Torkildsen/ Partnership
20 Gauge has won every futurity that he has been entered in --He also won all 3 classes at the 2014 Horn Showcase competeting in tip to tip, total and composite horn. All measurements and awards included here on this page. His Sire "Concealed Weapon" is responsible for some of the finest stock available and his dam "Hubbells Rio Glory" is one of the most complete producing dams in the industry. We believe 20 Gauge will prove to be among the best producing Herd Sires in Texas Longhorn History.
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Award DateEvent LocationAward
10/03/2020HSC - LawtonWon Bull Alley - 88 Straws
10/07/2017HSC - LawtonWon Bull Alley
10/03/2015HSC - LawtonTTT - Bronze
10/09/2014Horn ShowcaseComposite - Bronze
10/09/2014Horn ShowcaseTip to Tip - Bronze
10/09/2014Horn ShowcaseTotal Horn - Bronze
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip86.125008/24/2020Measured by Mark Hubbell 
Tip to Tip85.630004/18/2020  
Composite223.125010/04/2019HSC 2019Lawton
Tip to Tip85.375010/04/2019HSC 2019Lawton OK
Total Horn103.437510/04/2019HSC 2019Lawton OK
Tip to Tip85.125006/25/2019  
Tip to Tip84.625011/03/2018  
Tip to Tip84.500010/04/2018HSC 2018Lawton OK
Total Horn101.812510/04/2018HSC 2018Lawton OK
Tip to Tip84.375008/06/2018Andy Mast 
Tip to Tip84.125004/17/2018Helm Cattle Co. 
Tip to Tip83.375010/05/2017HSC 2017HSC Lawton Ok
Total Horn101.250010/05/2017 HSC Lawton Ok
Tip to Tip83.375009/12/2017Measured at Mast Longhorns  
Tip to Tip83.000007/05/2017Measured at Helm Cattle Company  
Tip to Tip82.500004/13/2017  
Composite212.875010/21/2016 2016 HSC
Tip to Tip81.750010/21/2016 2016 HSC
Total Horn97.375010/21/2016 2016 HSC
Tip to Tip80.062502/22/2016over 80" ttt at 45 months 
Tip to Tip79.625012/22/2015  
Tip to Tip78.875010/03/2015won his class2015 horn showcase
Total Horn93.125010/03/2015 2015 horn showcase
Tip to Tip77.330005/22/20153 years old 
Tip to Tip76.000003/05/2015  
Tip to Tip74.250011/22/2014  
Base16.250010/09/2014 2014 HSC
Tip to Tip73.125010/09/2014WON HIS CLASS ALL 3 CATAGORIES 2014 HSC
Total Horn82.812510/09/2014 2014 HSC
Tip to Tip72.250009/10/2014  
Tip to Tip71.500008/22/2014  
Tip to Tip70.500007/24/2014  
Total Horn79.500007/24/2014  
Base16.250005/22/201424 months 
Tip to Tip67.500005/22/201424 months 
Tip to Tip65.000003/22/201422 mo. old 
Tip to Tip59.000012/26/201319 mo. 4 days  
Tip to Tip55.500011/13/2013  
Tip to Tip52.125010/11/2013 HSC
Composite132.750009/26/2013 LWC
Tip to Tip50.625009/26/2013 LWC
Total Horn52.900009/26/2013 LWC
Tip to Tip42.000007/01/2013  
Tip to Tip40.500006/07/2013  
Tip to Tip38.000005/22/201312 mo old 
Hubble 20 gauge heifer sexed semen – 10 came into heat at REI( Thursday-Saturday) 11/2/17--11/4/17 – Minnie Pearl, RJF Sheza Sittin in Rain, Shamrock Betty Van Horn, RJF Cowgirl Sass,Skyline, GLR Rio Jamamax--- 11/5/2017(Sunday), Casanova Star,Miss Sunshine, Archer Aria, Perfectly Posh --........................ 12/12/2017 Confirmed pregnant with Hubbell's 20g heifer sexed semen--Casanova Star, Miss Sunshine, Minnie Pearl, Skyline, Rio Jamamax, Archer Aria.
2018-- 16-- were AI'd with heifer sexed semen--

(1)MINT JULEP—  20 GAUGE     5/27/2018- confirmed bred 7/18/18-- due March 5,2019 Top 20 Gal
(2)CORNELIA MARI—  20 GAUGE       5/27/2018 . confirmed bred 7/18/18-- due March 5,2019 20  Maxim gal
 (3)CASANOVA SHEZA WHIP  20 GAUGE    5/27/2018 confirmed bred 7/18/18-- due 3/5/19  20 WHIP ER WIL GAL
(4)MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE     20 GAUGE    6/12/2018- open -- exposed Coronado 8/16/2018 20 MN gal
(5)HELM CREAM PUFF    20 GAUGE  6/25/2018-- pregnant 8/16/18 . due 4/3/2019-- LOST IT
(6)CHILL IN OUT    20 GAUGE  6/25/2018 . pregnant 8/16/18 . due 4/3/2019   Overchilled to 20  Gal   
(7)CASANOVA SWEETHEART--- 20G HEIFER SEXED SEMEN  6/27/2018 pregnant 8/16/18 . due 4/5/2019
20 Sweethearts Gal
(8)CASANOVAS TEMPTATION---- 20G HEIFER SEXEDSEMEN  6/27/2018pregnant 8/16/18 . due 4/5/2019
20 Temptations Gal
 (9)HELM TUFF GORGEOUS ---20G HEIFER SEXED SEMEN  6/27/2018 inconc 8/16/2018   20G Tuff Gal
(10) TSUNAMI TOPLINE--20G--11/1/18 .     preg 1/17/19   20
(11) TSUNAMI MIDNIGHT GAL--20G--11/5/18 .  preg 1/17/19
(12)TSUNAMI ZOOM IN--20G --11/16/18 .    preg 1/17/19
(13)TSUNAMI DANDELION--20G --11/2/18 . preg 1/17/.19
(14) CREAM PUFF--20G  --11/1/18 .  preg 1/17/19
(15) Drag Dancer  20g---12/6/18 .  preg 1/17/19
(16) Monaco Grand Lady-- 20g  --12/7/18 .  open 1/17/19
17) RJF Sheza Sittin in Rain  20g  1/18/2019
(18) Royal Tuffette --20g--- 2/5/19--- embryo flush

Helm Smooth                      AI.                Hubbells 20 G heifer sexed                            12/3/20              RT              WILDEST DREAM.             Hubbell's 20 gauge heifer sexed                        AI'D 12/7--12/14/20                             Royal T