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Fall 2019


ECONOMICS—-The first half of 2019 continued to show some industry consolidation. Lower quality cattle sold at bargain prices in the Longhorn sales with barely enough cash to cover consignment, transportation and housing costs. Most of these animals should probably be taken to the local sale barn to get them off the balance sheet and reduce overhead. Highly pedigreed, total package animals with promising tip to tip measurements continue to do the best at the Longhorn sales. There is somewhat of a shift towards buying young , colorful ,twisty horned heifers to keep that characteristic in the breed and try to reduce the emphasis on TTT. That is a reasonable strategy but twist slows TTT numbers and it takes years to mature. Each longhorn breeder must develop his own vision and stick to his personal strategy. Changing strategy is like stopping a slow moving freight train because it takes 3 years to evaluate your results.

OUR BREEDING STRATEGY—Our herd management practices include the continuation of artificially inseminating nearly half of our cows and heifers to what we consider to be the best bulls in the business ( Hubbell’s 20 Gauge , Goldmine 1, Cut N Dried, The Beast, HR Rebel and a few others). We now ultrasound and/or blood test all our cattle that have been AI’d at 30-40 days to delineate between an AI vs natural pasture breeding. We also confirm with DNA markers for parental verification. We have been surprised at the variation of the standard 283 days of gestation after artificial insemination. It has varied as much as 7 days before and 14 days after the projected date. This time span will probably lengthen as we test more animals.

We are continuing our IVF program after some initial disappointments— not in oocyte retrieval but in fertilization with heifer sexed semen. We have scheduled 4 to 5 of our premiere cows ( Sittin’ Pearl, Royal Tuffette, Pacific Dilanna ) for oocyte pick up (OPU) with a different protocol to see what works best for our animals. We base our donor cows based on pedigree , genetic value, phenotypic superiority and previous production. One change will be to use conventional semen over heifer sexed semen to improve embryo conception. We prefer heifers over bulls but feel these cows are elite enough to sell high quality bulls.

HERD HEALTH—We are also continuing our commitment to having a Johne’s free herd. We have checked each animal over the age of 2 for the last 3 years and continue to check each new purchase so as not to introduce the bacteria into the herd. We prefer buying only from Johne’s free herds and hesitate to buy quality animals that have not be proven disease-free. We have published two articles in Trails magazine in an effort to promote a Johne’s free longhorn industry (see articles on web page).

BULL UPDATES ( see rotating images) In addition to using AI bulls, we have three excellent bulls that are extremely promising– TCC Shootin’ In The Dark, GLR 20 Gauge Tuff and TKR Royal T. TCC Shootin In The Dark is a Sharpshooter son who already has more TTT than his famous sire— 84’’ TTT at 40.0 months. We love this bull and have sold 1/2 interest to Jason Roznofsky in Shiner Texas to get him out of the cold Kansas winters.Our most colorful total package bull is GLR 20G Tuff— a Hubbell’s 20 Gauge son out of a Cowboy Tuff Chex daughter. Brett Krause has leased him for the 2020 winter. Finally, TKR Royal T , a Houdini son out of a Cowboy Tuff daughter , measured 39.5 “ TTT at 12.0 months and is growing at a rate of 1’’ every 10 days. We have entered him into the TLBAA Horn Showcase Futurity and expect great things from this young prospect.

FALL 2019 SALES We love going to Gary Lake’s and Stan Searle’s Colorado Sale in August. They always put on a first class sale. We sold 4 and were fortunate to have the high selling cow for the second year in a row. Next, we have the Hudson Valentine Ft Worth Sale 9/20/19 and the TLBAA Horn Showcase 10/5/19 with 6 consignment listed below. Go to the 2019 Consignments for more information.

Hudson Valentine Ft Worth 9/20/2019
GLR Casanovas Cyclone —- 2018 Casanova Magnum heifer—Out of 90’’ TTT Sire and Dam
GLR Casanova Pacifica— 2016 Cowboy Casanova cow with heifer at side; 3;1; bred back

TLBAA Horn Showcase Lawton,OK 10/3--10/5/2019
GLR Tuff Jamamax —- 2018 heifer with stacked pedigree (4-90’ TTT; 8 -80” TTT )
GLR Coronado Haystack— 2018 heifer with stacked pedigree (2-90”; 8-80”)
GLR Monaco's Haystack— 2017 heifer confirmed bred to The Beast
GLR Casanovas Classy Girl —-2016 Cowboy Casanova cow. —7m bred by Shooter


Dr. Mark and Charlene Gilliland


Winter 2019


2018 finally ended after multiple dispersal sales. It was a buyers market for mid-market and lower value cattle. The high end elite cattle still brought top dollar. The air is very thin at this level and bar keeps moving higher every year. We took the opportunity to build cow power in our herd. Our philosophy will be to build on 4 prominent cow power pedigrees: (1) continue our Pacific Mermaid line stacking more line breeding to Pacific Cowboy (2) add to our Lady Monika BL and Poco Lady line with Rural Safari Son and (3) add to our Texana Van Horne line by Ai’ing back to Coronado Texa (4) add to our WS Sunrise line through TKR Royal T.

We think 2019 will be a better year in the longhorn business if oil prices rally a little, unemployment remains low and the US economy continues to grow at a 3% rate. The Fed needs to slow down some on raising interest rates so small businesses can continue to flourish. The longhorn business does better when consumer confidence is high and the people have more disposable income. Let’s hope the politicians in Washington can pass some bills which aid the small businessman, improve the quality of life for most Americans and not pile on needless investigations which add to further gridlock and pads the income of the Washington DC legal profession. Finally, this reappearance of democratic socialism for everyone within our borders ( free education, health care, etc) is unrealistic and will ultimately thin the middle class further. We shall see.

Back to longhorns….We are excited about our 2019 calf crop. We have utilized Artificial Insemination and Embryo transfer to our best advantage in 2018 have 37 confirmed pregnancies (30 heifer sexed) out of 49 attempts…

16 Hubbell’s 20 Gauge
8 The Beast
7 Embryo Transfer pregnancies out of 91.5” TTT RM Touch N Whirl PAT
2 Goldmine 1
2 Rowdy HR
1 Rebel HR
1 Saddlehorn

Our 3 covering herd sires feature our most colorful male lineup yet. We are going for the gold and trying to get away from red and white color without sacrificing horn and total package.
(1) TCC Shootin In The Dark( RHF Sharpshooter X Hubbell’s Shadow Kay— - over 80” TTT @ 33.0 months. He is one of only a few 2016 bulls to hit that 80” mark prior to 36 months.
(2) GLR 20 Gauge Tuff— (Hubbell’s 20 Gauge X Helm Tuff N Gorgeous— 62” TTT at 23 months and 12 over 80” TTT in pedigree
(3) TKR Royal “T” ( TCC Houdini X TKR Royal Tuffette- 16 animals over 80 in pedigree— only 7 months old as of this writing). The bull power is strong and the cow power is getting stronger flushing TKR Royal Tuffette and Sittin Pearl with the 4 heifers  sexed  embryos to be implanted May 2019.We also purchased these 2018 heifers with strong maternal pedigrees— Houdini’s Temptress and
LLL Emerald Cut.

We will participate in the Midwest Sale, the Rocky Mountain Sale, Hudson Valentine Ft Worth Sale and 1-2 others depending on how calving season goes. Charlene and look forward to continually meeting new friends and staying close to the old ones!!

Warmest Regards,
Mark Gilliland,MD

Fall 2018

The spring and summer of 2018 was a buyer’s market. Unfortunately, we sold 31 head.  Timing is everything in life. Three prominent breeders had dispersal sales – Frank and Michelle Hevrdejs, Rick and Tracy Friedrich, and Debbie Bowman. All will succeed in  their future endeavors .This flooded the market and pushed prices down for the average longhorn. The top of the market stayed relatively stable with prices holding their own. Still, the industry standard continues to evolve. 80 – 90’’ TTT cows do not bring the prices they did a few years ago unless they reach that landmark by 4-6 years or there is the total package with outstanding pedigrees, color and conformation. Thankfully, smart breeders see a buying opportunity and new breeders are still coming into the business.
The Gilliland Ranch 2018 calf crop thus far has been 16 heifers and 12 bulls with 8 heifer sexed calves scheduled to arrive in August2018— 5 from AI’ing Casanova heifers to Hubbell’s 20 Gauge and 3 from heifer sexed embryos with 90” TTT genetics from Casanova Magnum X RM Touch N Whirl PAT. The biggest anticipated arrival will be the Fifty-Fifty BCB X Sittin Pearl heifer calf  to be born November 2018.
(in partnership with Linda Harman) (SEE PHOTO). This heifer crop is a major reversal from our first 3 years in the longhorn business where 70-80% of our calf crop were bulls. We are fortunate to have the infrastructure and surrounding expertise to stay the course.

Our 2019 calf crop will benefit from the ongoing aggressive AI/ET program at Reproductive Enterprises Inc, an Oklahoma State University affiliate in Stillwater OK. We use sexed semen from what we consider to be some of the best bulls in the industry—-Cowboy Tuff Chex, CV Casanova Magnum, Hubbell’s 20 Gauge, The Beast and Rowdy HR. So far this year we have AI’d or put embryos in 20 cows to further build upon what RC Tsunami 2(85” TTT; Concealed Weapon x Pacific Mermaid) has done for us. He gave us 2 great calf crops by lowering the hornsets and throwing bright colors on our new calves . We sold him to Texas breeders Dave Pace and Derick Schaefer. Tsunami will do a great job for them. We are covering our open cows with GLR Coronado. (Archer Texa X Mint Julep) and GLR 20 Gauge Tuff (Hubbell’s 20 Gauge X Helm Tuff & Gorgeous) {SEE PHOTOS} Both have outstanding pedigrees with low lateral hornsets , great size and outstanding color. We will continue to try to consistently identify genetically superior bulls with the help of Bear Davidson and Joe Sedlacek. We are watching potential herd sires in our own herd for 2019-2020 breeding season—Hustler GLR (9 over 80” TTT;1 over 90” TTT) and Dark Knight GLR (13 over 80”; 3 over 90” TTT). We also value the partnership with Linda Harman on TKR Royal “T”,a 2018 Houdini/Tuffette bull with 15 ancestors over 80” in the pedigree( 3 over 90” TTT). We believe in the total package but push the horn TTT because that is what the market wants.

Here are our fall 2018 consignments ....




That is our update for the fall of 2018. Charlene and I now live in Weatherford ,TX so we can be closer to family but are keeping the ranch in the Kansas Flint Hills where the environment for cattle is unrivaled. We hope to see you down the road.

As my great Uncle Brady Meldrum (1888-1960) used to say.... “ If I see you at all, I’ll see you in the fall”— 2018 that is.

Thanks for visiting our website,
Mark and Charlene Gilliland


Spring/Summer 2018

2017 was a good year for us and 2018 looks even more promising. We had 38 bull calves and 32 heifers in 2017 — mostly out of RC Tsunami 2 , Monaco Chex and JBR Eclipse. We believe in stacking pedigrees so we are going to keep a vast majority of them for replacement. Unfortunately that mandates selling some of our best cattle to keep the herd numbers neutral. We are adamant against abusing the grass with overgrazing.

We plan on using a much more extensive AI/ ET program during the year and covering the open cows with our two main herd sires— RC Tsunami 2 and GLR Coronado. We have purchased heifer sexed semen on Hubbell’s 20 Gauge, The Beast and CV Cowboy Casanova. We also have eight heifer sexed embryos
from RM Touch N Whirl PAT and Cowboy Tuff Chex, CV Casanova Magnum and RRR Rimount Edge 110.

We have consigned the following animals to 2018 spring/summer sales. See below or go to 2018 consignments for details.

Selling 25 cows this spring sounds like a dispersal sale but it is really just updating our genetics and keeping our herd numbers down to a manageable status. We are dedicated to having a healthy herd and test for Johnes twice a year. Any animal going to a sale will be Johne’s tested to assure the buyer he is getting a healthy cow/heifer.


(1) GLR Tuff Whirlwind
(2) GLR Rio Jamamax
(1) GLR Archers Alexandra
(2) M Arrow Wow’s Dandelion
(3) Helm Dixie Gal
(1) Dixie Rose
(2) GLR Topstar
(3) TS Cadillac Kelly
(4) GLR Eternal Temptation
(5) Jazzy 931
(6) LAR Maxine 9/09
(7) Miss Queen of Clubs
(8) RJF Perfectly Posh
(9) ZD Jamidan’s Super Mary
(10) ZD Janine’s Starlight
(1) RJF Tempting Lady
(2) RHF Ruby
(3) RJF Chill In Out 
(4) GLR Concealed Respect
(5) Pacific Laura 235 
(6) M Arrow Coco Loco
(7) Archer Dove 416
(8) CV Casanovas Lucky Lady
(9) OF Its Sunny Out
(10) Hubbell’s Houston Gal

Thank you for visiting our website. We have cattle for sale at all times. Please feel free to call or visit us at any time.

Fall 2017

The spring 2017 longhorn sale season is over with some record breaking prices—$380,000 for 3S Danica at the 2017 Legacy Sale.The market remains strong for great cattle. It is amazing to me how rapidly the quality of longhorns improves each year. We are sticking with our plan of breeding for the total package and stacking pedigrees with multiple animals over 80” or 90” TTT. Our 2017-2018 breeding plan will incorporate the use of 4 young bulls with incredible pedigrees in addition to RC Tsunami 2 ( Concealed Weapon X Pacific Mermaid) and JBR Eclipse ( Cowboy Tuff Chex X Eternal Diamond). We plan on having 35 calves from Tsunami, 20 from Eclipse, 10 from Patton ,7 from Coronado, 7 from Domino and 5 from Big Tipper. The new bulls give us a chance to experiment with the latest stacked pedigrees to see how they compare to known producers.We also have some recips with heifer sexed embryos out of the 90” TTT Touch N Whirl PAT with CV Casanova’s Magnum and RRR Rimount Edge. 2018 should be very exciting!

GLR Coronado—( Archer Texas X Mint Julep) This young bull is colorful, tall and muscular with a low lateral hornset . He is out of Archer Texa (83” TTT) and Mint Julep( a 77” TTT Top Caliber daughter). Since Jamakizm and Archer Texa are gone, we think this bull has a bright future supplementing those genetics. He has 6 animals in his pedigree over 80” TTT. He will be entered in the LWC Futurity 1/2 interest is available for $7500

GLR Patton— ( Archer Texa X Casanova Sheza Whip)
These genetics stack CV Cowboy Casanova, CC Sheza Whip Er Wil, WS Jamakizm and Texana Van Horne. The pedigree includes 10 animals over 80” TTT; . He has a gentle disposition, large body, low hornset and he will be used to outcross the 2017 Tsunami heifers. We also plan to breed him to GLR Rio Jamamax and RJF Cowgirl Sassie to get calves with 20 animals in the pedigree over 80” TTT.1/2 interest is available for $10,000.

Big Tipper- (Bubba Tuff Chex X RJF Casanova’s Cowgirl)
This young bull is a genetic goldmine combining not only Cowboy Tuff with Cowboy Casanova but he is also double bred JP Rio Grande and Hunts Command  Respect ( 2 ancestors over 90" TTT ;9 over 80" TTT) . He is owned by James and Lynette Haltom of Haltom Hollar in London Ky and we will be leasing him for 2 years. He will be used to outcross Tsunami and Archer Texa offspring PLUS used for some highly selective linebreeding on Casanova heifers.

BR Domino- (Cowboy Tuff Chex X Helm Laura’s Light Mocha)
Brian Brett bred this bull and we have 1/2 interest in him.He is something special. Three of his 6 parents/grandparents are over 90” TTT; 5/6 are over 80” TTT—-(Cowboy Tuff Chex -100” TTT, WS Jamakizm -81” TTT, Helm Laura’s Light Mocha-91” TTT, BL Rio Catchit-95” TTT and Wiregrass Laura-84.5” TTT . He also represents the total package with conformation , hornset and disposition.

DOB: 3/20/2016
Archer Texa x MINT JULEP 323/0

DOB: 4/1/2016

DOB: 5/11/2016

BR Domino
DOB: 3/18/2016


Rocky Mountain Select Sale
Monument, Colorado 8/11-8/12/2017
(1)Wyoming Feisty Leigh
(2) GLR Rio Diamond
(3) Monaco’s Lucky Lady
Ft Worth,TX 9/22-9/23/2017
(1) WS Zoom
(2) GLR Rio Zoom
Horn Showcase
Lawton,Ok October 4-7,2017
(1) Auzzie Suzzie EOT 944
(2) Sittin Glory
(3) GLR Midnight Temptation
(4) HL Hot Respect
  Longhorn World Championships
Oklahoma City,Ok 10/21-10/22/2017
(1) T Bar W Top Whiz
(2) Sittin Cowgirl
(3) GLR Tumbling Star
(4) Trophy Top



The 2017 spring sales season is off and running and we are excited to be participants in the Cattle Baron's Sale in Navasota,Tx (2/25), Legacy XIII in Grapevine, Tx (3/17–3/18), the Hudson–Valentine Sale in Bowling Green, Ky. (3/31–4/1), the Blue Ridge Sale in Llano, Tx (4/7–4/8) , the Midwest Sale in Winfield, Ks (4/22) and the Red River Sale in Ardmore, Ok (5/27). We have consigned 14 of our best females bred to some industry leading bulls. We have also consigned two bulls including my partnership bulls with Richard Filip -- Monaco Chex. We hate to see him go but he has served us well and I believe in stacking different genes to get the total package.  It is time for another breeder to reap the benefits of his production.  Our lineup this spring goes is listed below. Go to the 2017 Consignment section under Sale Pen for details.

CATTLE BARON'S-- (1) M Arrow Conundrum

LEGACY XIII --   (1) Mi Tierra Vaca 93  (2) GLR Hailstorm Mary  (3) GLR Concealed Light

HUDSON VALENTINE--  (1) GLR Creole Dixie Max   (2) Monaco's Princess Grace

BLUE RIDGE --  (1) Fine Print BCB (2) EOT Cactus Rita 899

MIDWEST (1) CC Sheza  Whip Er Wil  (2) GLR Casanova's Peach (3) GLR Monaco's Garnet  (4) GLR Just Do It 

RED RIVER  (1) Allen's 290/9 (2) M Arrow Bewitched (3) M Arrow Red Sunrise (4) Monaco Chex

Thank you for visiting our website. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones this spring.

Warmest regards,
Mark Gilliland MD


Legacy Sale Consignments
Dallas, TX

Midwest Sale Consignments
Winfield, KS

Hudson/Valentine Sale Consignments
Bowling Green, KY

Blue Ridge Sale Consignments

Llano, TX


The following summarizes my photographic philosophy at the Gilliland Ranch.

1st- I use a Nikon D 3400 with 2 lenses-- 18-55mm and 70-300mm. It is a relatively cheap and sturdy camera that gives me a lot of versatility in the automatic mode. While manual settings can produce a better photograph (if you have the patience and time), rapid fire photos in the automatic mode with subsequent editing work better for me.

2nd- I always take my camera with me and use it almost every time I am with the cattle. I typically take 20-50 photographs, cull 90% of them and then download the good ones on my computer. I think potential buyers want as much information as possible before the purchase. Looking at one photograph in a sale catalog is not as good as viewing the stages of development from birth to present time. I always refer them to my Hired Hand website to see multiple photos. The more the better. As a breeder, studying serial photographs educates me in changing colors, conformations and horn sets overtime. It seems like every time I forget my camera, something interesting happens that I missed.

3rd- If I am photographing animals for an ad, eblast or, website, I do it on a sunny day to enhance color and muscle definition. I try to put the sun at my back to minimize shadowing. I also photograph them in a natural pasture setting by themselves or at least with minimal surrounding cattle so that I can crop distractions with editing.

4th- The camera and body positions are important. I get out of the truck and typically squat so the photograph is as close to the center of the body as possible. This angle accurately demonstrates leg and body length, depth, topline and underline. Photographs taken above from the truck make the animal look shorter.

For leg position, I try to get the front legs somewhat straddled to avoid the “post” appearance. The hind leg closer to the camera should extend backward to expose the genitalia and enhance the hip.

The head should be UP and turned 90 degrees looking into the camera to demonstrate head and ear shape and horn set. Cattle photographed with their heads down are seemingly depressed and do not sell well. Getting the head up can be challenging. I never feed them before a photography session otherwise their heads are glued to the ground. Sometimes, I have them chase the feed truck for a distance just to get them excited. Their heads are then high with anticipation and I quickly take photographs of the ones that need updating. Other head raising techniques include jumping, shouting, pushing on them or waving a flag.

5th- I always leave my dog behind on a serious photographic session. Otherwise, the cattle spend all their time looking at him and never at the camera.

Finally, good photography plays an integral role in portraying longhorns. It requires patience and a little luck. That said, too much perfection is time consuming and frustrating as eventually the animal must stand on his own merit in person. Each breeder should compare his photos with those found on other websites to insure they are competitive with industry standards.”

Warmest regards,
Mark Gilliland M.D.


I always leave my dog behind on a serious photographic session. Otherwise, the cattle spend all their time looking at him and never at the camera.

Sunset on the Gilliland Longhorn Ranch
January 2017

Shamrock Betty Van Horne


Fellow longhorn Breeders,

The Texas Longhorn industry has just finished 5 major sales in the last 7 weeks (1) Hudson–Valentine Fort Worth Sale (2) TLMA- Longhorn Extravaganza  in Oklahoma City (3) TLBAA Horn Showcase in Lawton, Oklahoma (4) Bowman Herd Reduction Sale–Winfield Kansas (5) Allen Herd Reduction Sale–West, Texas. I was a buyer/seller at 4/5 of these sales and I watched the other one online. I'm happy to report that the Longhorn industry prices are very stable despite the temporary market glut. The high-end cattle sold as expected; the average cattle only slightly below expected. That said, I am continuing to invest in the industry and have purchased or leased 3 young bulls with 90'' TTT  genetics for use in 2017. These bulls will complement  RC Tsunami 2, JBR Eclipse and JBR Net Worth. Monaco Chex  has given us 3 excellent  calf crops and Richard Filip and I are putting him up for sale.  Contact me, Richard Filip or Bear Davidson for any additional information. Monaco is the full brother to JH Rurally Screwed  and will be an excellent purchase for whoever  wants to add JP Rio Grande and Lady Monika BL genetics to their herd. 

Our herd continues to evolve to meet the market demands  in the longhorn industry. We welcome these 90" TTT genetics. We are committed to the scientific principle of increasing horn production heritability by stacking as many 80'' and 90'' in our pedigrees. We strive for the total package but prefer to emphasize horn because that is what the current market demands.
Thank you for visiting our website. We strive to constantly update our photos and content are to make it interesting for our viewers.

Warmest regards,
Mark Gilliland M.D.

Gilliland Ranch News- June 2016

Fellow longhorn Breeders,

Our herd continues to evolve to meet the market demands  in the longhorn industry. We welcome these 90" TTT genetics to our herd.
(1)Our Chisholm Trail Cartel cow Cherry Jubilee 78 reached the 90" TTT milestone in June 2016. She is bred to CV Cowboy Casanova and will be offered in the fall Hudson Valentine Sale in Ft Worth. Don't miss her. She is spectacular! (2)We purchased 1/2 interest in BR Domino from the Brett Ranch.This herd sire prospect adds Cowboy Tuff and Helm Lauras Light Mocha (will reach 90" TTT this year) genetics to our herd next year. Thank you Brian and Suzanne!(3) We hated to see Tom and Linda Harman
 cut back on their business( TK Ranch Longhorns) but they were gracious enough to sell us 3 recip cows with confirmed heifer pregnancies out of Cowboy Tuff and RM Touch N Whirl Pat( 88.625" TTT). The air is pretty thin with these high powered 90" pedigrees but we selectively purchase them when we can. We are committed to the  scientific principle of increasing  horn production heritability by stacking as many 80" and 90" animals in our pedigrees. We are constantly seeking outcrosses to  add to our core herd from the proven bloodlines of Cowboy Chex, Hunts Command Respect, JP Rio Grande, WS Jamakizm and Concealed Weapon.
Thanks for visiting our website. This Home Page changes monthly and website updates are made 4-5 times per week so keep coming back!
Warmest Regards,
Mark Gilliland MD

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