Why Buy Texas Longhorns in Kansas?


1ST This is cattle country. Kansas ranks 3rd in the nation for cattle population–6.3 million in 2015. That is twice the number of humans living here. The state is primarily an agricultural state with 27,600 farms raising cattle.

2ND We know Texas longhorns. Kansas is the 3rd most populated state for Texas Longhorn cattle–behind Texas and Oklahoma. The state has some of the most knowledgable breeders in the industry.

3RD Best grass in the world. Kansas is the home of the Flint Hills--the last Tallgrass Prairie in the nation. The soil is ideally suited for tall grasses–bluestem, Indian and switchgrass. These grasses grow 6 feet tall and contain 16--18% protein making this location paradise for horn growth in Longhorns. The typical ratio is 1 cow/calf unit per 8 acres.

4TH– Great climate for horn growth. The ranch is 7 miles north of the Oklahoma border in the eastern 3rd of Kansas. We average 35 inches of rain annually, The winters are typically brief and the cattle can get out of the weather using the hills for shelter.

5TH-- Ranching and medical experience. My family has four generations of ranching experience in the area. I have a microbial genetics degree plus a doctorate in medicine. I practiced surgery for 30 years which gives me some insight to health and nutritional issues.

6TH- Additional expertise We also have 2 hired consultants that I use on a regular basis-- Justin Rombeck and Bear Davidson. They give me valuable insight in pedigree analysis, animal valuations, artificial insemination and embryo transfer. We buy our longhorns correctly and that savings is passed on to you..