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Gilliland Ranch News - Spring/Summer 2018

2017 was a good year for us and 2018 looks even more promising. We had 38 bull calves and 32 heifers in 2017 — mostly out of RC Tsunami 2 , Monaco Chex and JBR Eclipse. We believe in stacking pedigrees so we are going to keep a vast majority of them for replacement. Unfortunately that mandates selling some of our best cattle to keep the herd numbers neutral. We are adamant against abusing the grass with overgrazing.

We plan on using a much more extensive AI/ ET program during the year and covering the open cows with our two main herd sires— RC Tsunami 2 and GLR Coronado. We have purchased heifer sexed semen on Hubbell’s 20 Gauge, The Beast and CV Cowboy Casanova. We also have eight heifer sexed embryos
from RM Touch N Whirl PAT and Cowboy Tuff Chex, CV Casanova Magnum and RRR Rimount Edge 110.

We have consigned the following animals to 2018 spring/summer sales. See below or go to 2018 consignments for details.

Selling 25 cows this spring sounds like a dispersal sale but it is really just updating our genetics and keeping our herd numbers down to a manageable status. We are dedicated to having a healthy herd and test for Johnes twice a year. Any animal going to a sale will be Johne’s tested to assure the buyer he is getting a healthy cow/heifer.


(1) GLR Tuff Whirlwind
(2) GLR Rio Jamamax
(1) GLR Archers Alexandra
(2) M Arrow Wow’s Dandelion
(3) Helm Dixie Gal
(1) Dixie Rose
(2) GLR Topstar
(3) TS Cadillac Kelly
(4) GLR Eternal Temptation
(5) Jazzy 931
(6) LAR Maxine 9/09
(7) Miss Queen of Clubs
(8) RJF Perfectly Posh
(9) ZD Jamidan’s Super Mary
(10) ZD Janine’s Starlight
(1) RJF Tempting Lady
(2) RHF Ruby
(3) RJF Chill In Out 
(4) GLR Concealed Respect
(5) Pacific Laura 235 
(6) M Arrow Coco Loco
(7) Archer Dove 416
(8) CV Casanovas Lucky Lady
(9) OF Its Sunny Out
(10) Hubbell’s Houston Gal

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GILLILAND LONGHORN RANCH-- We have a herd of over 150 registered Texas Longhorns in the Kansas Flint Hills near the Oklahoma border. Our breeding program is approached scientifically with continuing education, exhaustive pedigree study, using knowledgeable longhorn consultants and visiting experienced breeders in the field. We strive for the complete package prioritizing tip to tip horn measurements followed closely by conformation, color, and disposition. That said, the most important trait is the ability to reproduce those traits in progeny. We have gone through each animal in our herd for several generations back to document the number of 70ʼʼ–80ʼʼ–90ʼʼ TTT ancestors in each pedigree. This is important genetically to make sure that lateral horn length is embedded in each animalʼs blood line without compromising the total package. A pedigree with many high TTT ancestors indicates there is a higher heritability factor . This gives you predictability. We believe that you can increase heritability of TTT horn length by stacking genes from different pedigrees that have additive effects. Additionally, there will should be less regression back to a mean because their horn length is less likely attributable to spontaneous mutations or environmental variables. We also study production history by examining progeny with different pedigree combinations. This has led to a few key combinations which appear to be synergistic. We hope that you can find animals in our herd that will work for you. We have periodic price reduction sales when the herd gets too large so visit our website frequently to take advantage of them.