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Gilliland Ranch News - WINTER 2019


2018 finally ended after multiple dispersal sales. It was a buyers market for mid-market and lower value cattle. The high end elite cattle still brought top dollar. The air is very thin at this level and bar keeps moving higher every year. We took the opportunity to build cow power in our herd. Our philosophy will be to build on 4 prominent cow power pedigrees: (1) continue our Pacific Mermaid line stacking more line breeding to Pacific Cowboy (2) add to our Lady Monika BL and Poco Lady line with Rural Safari Son and (3) add to our Texana Van Horne line by Ai’ing back to Coronado Texa (4) add to our WS Sunrise line through TKR Royal T.

We think 2019 will be a better year in the longhorn business if oil prices rally a little, unemployment remains low and the US economy continues to grow at a 3% rate. The Fed needs to slow down some on raising interest rates so small businesses can continue to flourish. The longhorn business does better when consumer confidence is high and the people have more disposable income. Let’s hope the politicians in Washington can pass some bills which aid the small businessman, improve the quality of life for most Americans and not pile on needless investigations which add to further gridlock and pads the income of the Washington DC legal profession. Finally, this reappearance of democratic socialism for everyone within our borders ( free education, health care, etc) is unrealistic and will ultimately thin the middle class further. We shall see.

Back to longhorns….We are excited about our 2019 calf crop. We have utilized Artificial Insemination and Embryo transfer to our best advantage in 2018 have 37 confirmed pregnancies (30 heifer sexed) out of 49 attempts…

16 Hubbell’s 20 Gauge
8 The Beast
7 Embryo Transfer pregnancies out of 91.5” TTT RM Touch N Whirl PAT
2 Goldmine 1
2 Rowdy HR
1 Rebel HR
1 Saddlehorn

Our 3 covering herd sires feature our most colorful male lineup yet. We are going for the gold and trying to get away from red and white color without sacrificing horn and total package.
(1) TCC Shootin In The Dark( RHF Sharpshooter X Hubbell’s Shadow Kay— - over 80” TTT @ 33.0 months. He is one of only a few 2016 bulls to hit that 80” mark prior to 36 months.
(2) GLR 20 Gauge Tuff— (Hubbell’s 20 Gauge X Helm Tuff N Gorgeous— 62” TTT at 23 months and 12 over 80” TTT in pedigree
(3) TKR Royal “T” ( TCC Houdini X TKR Royal Tuffette- 16 animals over 80 in pedigree— only 7 months old as of this writing). The bull power is strong and the cow power is getting stronger flushing TKR Royal Tuffette and Sittin Pearl with the 4 heifers  sexed  embryos to be implanted May 2019.We also purchased these 2018 heifers with strong maternal pedigrees— Houdini’s Temptress and
LLL Emerald Cut.

We will participate in the Midwest Sale, the Rocky Mountain Sale, Hudson Valentine Ft Worth Sale and 1-2 others depending on how calving season goes. Charlene and look forward to continually meeting new friends and staying close to the old ones!!

Warmest Regards,
Mark Gilliland,MD

GILLILAND LONGHORN RANCH-- We have a herd of over 100 registered Texas Longhorns in the Kansas Flint Hills near the Oklahoma border. Our breeding program is approached scientifically with continuing education, exhaustive pedigree study, using consultants and visiting experienced breeders in the field. We strive for the complete package prioritizing tip to tip horn measurements followed closely by conformation, color, and disposition. That said, the most important trait is the ability to reproduce those traits in progeny. We have gone through each animal in our herd for several generations back to document the number of 70ʼʼ–80ʼʼ–90ʼʼ TTT ancestors in each pedigree. This is important genetically to  try to fix lateral horn length into each animalʼs blood line without compromising the total package. A pedigree with many high TTT ancestors indicates there is a higher heritability factor . This gives you more predictability. We try to increase the heritability of TTT horn length experimenting with a combination of linebreeding and outcrossing to stack genes from similar and different pedigrees for additive effects.We also study production history by examining progeny with different pedigree combinations. This has led to a few key combinations which appear to be synergistic. We hope that you can find animals in our herd that will work for you. We have periodic price reduction sales when the herd gets too large so visit our website frequently to take advantage of them.